Barton Engineering have specialised in Screened Enclosures, Mesh Rooms and Acoustic Rooms since 1964. Barton manufacture Tempest computer server racks to SDIP 27A & 29 and EMC computer server racks to a high specification. Barton also have the capability to design and manufacture prototype Screened Cabinets  and containers to suit a wide variety of applications. With the flexible in-house production, there is no minimum order: Barton have the flexibility to produce any volume of units, including one-off designs. Barton currently manufacture two types of door: An industrial specification Knife Edge Door and a high specification Wedge Shape Door with brass contact surfaces, incorporating silver plated beryllium copper finger contacts. All Attenuvents and Penetration Panels are made in house so panels can be manufactured to client specifications, Barton currently manufacture two types of Attenuvent, they can be either Galvanized Dipped or Alu Chromed to your specification.