Barton Engineering & Export Ltd has specialised in the development, manufacture and installation of screened enclosures since 1964.

At present, Barton continue to build upon the extensive experience gained over the last five decades. We have already developed a versatile, high performance screened rack that can equally be described as a compact enclosure. A range of EMC racks are also available.

We continue to provide consultancy expertise and enclosures for various governments and commercial customers.

Our cost effective design and development service gives you the opportunity to benefit from the considerable experience we have gained since 1964.

We have the capability to design and manufacture prototype screened cabinets and containers to suit a wide variety of applications, with performance specifications ranging from 15dB to over 100dB at frequencies of up to 20GHz. There is no minimum order. We have the production flexibility to produce any volume of units, including one-off designs.

Our dedicated production staff operates from a 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Areas of expertise include aluminium fabrication, steel fabrication, welding, silver soldering, CNC punching, sheet metalwork, CNC routering, door fabrication, joinery, finishing and packaging.