Location: Ukraine


The car park works focused upon replacement of the block paved rear car park and implementation of a new drainage strategy.

The project undertaken by Barton Engineering & Export Ltd at the British Embassy Kiev, Ukraine; was structured around an initial key objective which was to replace the subsiding block paved area to resolve the significant dilapidation and associated problems. This would need to be based upon a solution which had a long-term perspective.

Challenges & Methodology

The car park area did have its challenges during the course of the construction phase with cause for delay at a certain point. A skeleton was found beneath the existing car park substructure and works were temporarily brought to a halt whilst the relevant local authorities implemented their protocol for this type of discovery. Ultimately the situation was managed and coordinated in a way which had no lasting negative impact on the original schedule.

The historic and worsening problems with subsidence led the Barton team to consult with a structural engineer to ensure the correct substructure was laid in preparation for the new block paving. It was determined that the ‘soft’ soil composition had at least contributed to the subsidence and a decision was taken to increase the depth of supporting material and to include a solid concrete base. The reinforced concrete slab was poured in sections and will act as a solid ‘raft’ above the ‘soft’ soil and provide a robust protection against the contrasting climates present.